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Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC is the FIRST official Catholic and Christian speed dating or dating-in-faith business in the Denver Metro Area.

Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC has been officially in existence since March 2011, and as an occasional pilot project since 2009. It has hosted more than 900 participants, hosting its first out-of-state event in October 2012 in Seattle.

There are about 20-25 marriages related to it directly and indirectly. Those are just the ones we know of. Henry & Christina are marrying in June 2015 after having met at our events Valentine’s Day Catholic Speed Dating Feb. 10, 2013! Brian & Amy are marrying July 2015 after having first met at our events July 29, 2012! Our first couple to marry, Matt M. & Brandi B., who met in person at the Fall Catholic Speed Dating Age 20-30 in 2011, got married October 2013 and welcomed into the world their first child, Sophia, in October 2014! Also Matt H. & Loralie C, who met at the Fall Catholic Speed Dating Age 30-40 in 2011, got married in January 2014! We haven’t reached out to everyone to find out if they have direct marriages from this yet, but every time the founder is out and about, she is finding out about official couples that have come from all her events! The list is getting long and it’s exciting!!

Denver Catholic Speed Dating attempts to contact all speed daters for feedback and status after so there may be many other dating situations or relationships occurring that are as yet under the radar. The data is being compiled continuously.

Since its beginnings, dozens of people have dated from it and many are in long-term relationships and marrying from it.

In its first months, 15 people from the first three Denver Catholic Speed Dating events became engaged to people they met within weeks of attending a Denver Catholic Speed Dating event. This was our way of knowing God smiled down on this project! They include one gentleman from the All Ages Feb. 13 & Age 30-45 May 14, 2011 Denver Catholic Speed Dating Events, as well as one girl from the March 26, 2011 Catholic Speed Daters/Love Lines Matching Party and one woman also from the Age 30-45 May 14, 2011 event.  They met people outside of and after the event, but some of them have said it helped them be more open to being assertive in conversation, to being more able to recognize a true match and to being more conscious of finding the one for them without just letting it go.

Because there have been many weddings among former participants DCSD is attempting to contact all more than 900 participants to find out relationship statuses. This is taking time and is an ongoing project. As we do this, here are some of the early stories:

Derek, 43, from the Feb. 13 & May 14, 2011 Denver Catholic Speed Dating events, got married in Summer 2012 to a woman he met in July 2011, just more than one month after his last event.

He had this to say:

“We met at a Theology of the Body discussion group in July (in the Frederick/Loveland, Colo. area). Since then, there haven’t been many days that we’ve been apart. Our biggest attraction to each other is our faith. For both of us, this will be our second marriage. We are grateful for the annulment process (we’ve both been through) and are working hard at preparing a good foundation for our marriage. Even though I didn’t meet Sarah at a Catholic Speed Dating event, the experience (of attending) helped me know that I had met someone who was a good match for me. ”

Brandi B., getting married this year from it, who attended the Age 20-30 Fall Catholic Speed Dating on Oct. 22, 2011 where she met her fiance had this to say:

“So, I actually got really worried and desperate. . . Back in September (2011) I started fearing that I might never find a good, attractive, intelligent, Catholic man who agreed with me on all the sexual morality teachings of the Church. I have had many tumulutuous relationships because of this. I didn’t want a repeat AGAIN, so I decided to join (The guy I’m dating) joined, too, but did not pay for the full subscription. He could not actually speak to me, therefore, but could see my info. He looked me up, based on my info, on facebook. I had the same profile in both places, so he was easily able to find me. Since CatholicMatch lets you know who views you, he knew I viewed him after he viewed me (I have no recollection of ever doing this. . . I actually had no idea until weeks later when he told me). So, he sent me a facebook message smiley face that I also did not see. When he walked into The Old Spaghetti Factory on the day of the Speed Date, he flipped in internally, thinking to himself, “Creepes!! This is the girl I totally creeped on a few weeks ago! She is going to know who I am, and this whole experience is going to be terrible!” (He told me all of this info). I had no clue who he was, and had no clue he was freaking out. I had a genuinely good time with him at the Speed Date, but… I walked away from the situation not intending to date anyone.

He contacted me via email and asked if I wanted to go on a date. . . After two weeks of not responding (because I didn’t want to date, and I knew that he was going to go on dates with other women from the event. . . because I stalked him on Facebook after I got his email address hahaha), I gave a response that was a short but cordial good luck and no thank you. He responded back with an email about wanting to be friends, and hoping his earlier facebook message smiley to me hadn’t scared me away (it was at this point that he spilled the beans about the days prior to the Speed Date. . . an email that I still have saved because it is just toooo hilarious and endearing to throw away!

From there, he and I hung out in groups at group events through the church. After a few times of doing that (and a coffee outting, after which I had to HOUND him for his number), we decided to do some one-on-one hanging out. We kept in touch in between hang outs through some chatty texts here and tere. …  Around the holidays, we went out for drinks. It was at this point that he confessed that he liked me, and this was when I told him that I had been trying to subtly pursue him ever since I turned him down for dating (and he responded so valiantly with a request to be friends). The night after drinks night was New Year’s Eve, and it just so happened that we were both downtown at the same time. He met up with my sister and me, and we spent New Year’s Eve together (that is where our picture came from- the only one of us currently on facebook). I sort of clobbered him with a kiss at midnight 🙂 and we went shooting star gazing a few nights later. It was at this point that he and I decided that we weren’t just dating. . . we decided (at his urging) to be in a committed relationship.

He told me the other night that if we do ever get married, you will have to be an honorary guest at the wedding because you played an instrumental part in our meeting!”

– Girl from Oct. 22, 2011 Age 20-30 Fall Catholic Speed Dating

One Denver gentleman, age 53, at the National Catholic Speed Dating Jan. 27 marked nothing on his scorecard for a woman, age 43 from Illinois, he talked with briefly and neither did she during the 5 minutes they spoke. However, at events soon after that weekend, he kept eyeing her and conversing with her when he could, knowing she was single and available to date from the speed date itself. In the week following, he flew out to her state to celebrate her birthday weekend! Sometimes it takes not just the speed date but true followup – conversing with the person soon after – to tell if it’s a dating situation you want to pursue.


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