Terms & Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS: All individuals who take part in our events do so knowing that:


TERMS & CONDITIONS: All individuals who take part in our events do so knowing that:

Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC and Faith Match! are not dating services. They are separate entities according to the State of Colorado. We facilitate the meeting of single Catholic and Christian people to the fullest extent possible as per the name of each event.

Participants, upon attending and thereafter agree to advertising and media use of their photos and first names, when they get into relationships from or associated with the events. They agree to use of one engagement and one wedding photo for advertising purposes with first names only used, upon their permission when asked upon their engagement and after their wedding.

Participants, upon attending and thereafter agree to advertising and media use of their photos, with all photos taken at events either posted on this site or not posted, when media outlets request them. In those situations, event photographs will not come with name use.

All photos from events (and those shared from the couple after engagement and marriage) may be used in any kind of media and across social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and the like. Couples may choose with organizer which photos are to be used if they wish and let organizers know. No exceptions or negotiations attempted or made before or after apply. Any company using the photos of same couples married through Denver Catholic Speed Dating events to advertise on their sites or social media will be fined $3,000 as will the couple. Wherein a photo and name use agreement applies upon participation which participants are made aware of in emails sent prior to the event referring to this page, exceptions in having photos used for advertising exist only in the case participants pay $3,000 each to have their photos and names not used. Participants to all speed dating and Holiday Faith Match! agree that when they circle any word in boxes other than None on the tabled sheet at speed dating events and/or have submitted payment for Faith Match! rounds, to their information, email or email and phone, being shared with matches or those they name. No exceptions.

There is no guarantee of receiving a match at any time at any event; for Faith Match! matches, see beneath DCSD for additional terms and conditions. All terms and conditions here apply to Faith Match! as well. In the case of Faith Match!, however, men participants receive contact information for other participants with which they are to follow up on their end once they have alerted organizer and taken the action to submit payment by mail or via online payment. Faith Match! participating men have two to three weeks to contact matches Upon them not contacting a match, if so happens, women are rematched. Matching can take up to 18 months after beginning, but organizer attempts to match within 3 weeks to 3 months as the most common scenario. No refunds are available through Faith Match. Participants assume all risk. Efforts will be made to get credits to those who cannot participate at time at which they are given first matches. Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC, Faith Match! and any of its staff, paid or unpaid, and any of its event sponsor partners, paid or not paid, will not be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect to either participant or property thereof incurred on, before, or after the time of an event.

Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC in the facilitation of Catholic, Christian and Faith Match! named dating events, can deny business for any reason, including the basis for participants acting in a manner apparently unChristianly or demanding. All participants are asked to report unChristianly or out-of-sorts behavior both at the events and in the following weeks and months for up to a year. Participants are asked not to misrepresent themselves as available if they are not and not to harass via text, email or in person or put another person in danger in any way.

Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC has the right to ask someone not to return under a strict policy that if there have been any two or more written or oral complaints that a participant has on dates within the first year of meeting someone there, acted in questionable conduct (i.e. pressured someone in sexual ways or gotten drunk thereby threatening a level of safety to both parties) and any other type of reason that has led to participants not being interested in future Denver Catholic Speed Dating events.

Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC is not liable for any injury, emotional distress, or discomfort during or deriving from any given event. Though we strive for accuracy, we will not be held liable for any human error on our part or the part of the establishments our events are held at. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any person at any time for any reason.

Daters are not screened in any way by Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC or Faith Match! beyond a survey. It is the Dater’s sole responsibility to clarify any concerns about other daters’ backgrounds.

It is the Faith Match participant’s responsibility to go on their first date with the first match given or they will not receive other dates. Because a Faith Match! participant’s file is always active up to 18 months, and being worked on and analyzed against new participants if their matches are  not up, they are considered active once the main questionaire is handed in and they do not receive refunds; It is the Faith Match participant’s responsibility to keep the organizer informed if they have been contacted within two weeks of signing up or they will not be given further matches. If Faith Matchers appear to harass the organizer in any way with continued complaints, organizer has rights to charge $25 each email for extra emails attempted to keep the participant informed to which participant becomes threatening and/or noncompliant with the process and/or contact law enforcement and/or unenroll the Faith Match participant from the dating pool without refund. Faith Match strives to set people up within three months of completed questionaire. However, Faith Match reserves the right to begin date setups up to one month up to the full cycle of five months from the time the Faith Match season officially ends for that cycle. Faith Match! operates on the notion that these things take time and does not wish to throw people into matching situations without research first, therefore some matching may take longer than others. We strive for integrity in dating and if participant treats organizer as such we cannot trust they will be compliant with rules of Faith Match in any other way.

Participants are asked to share their emails and phone numbers with the facilitator only and though it is not prohibited to ask for phone numbers at the events, it is usually a privacy matter in which people typically seek to go through the table system the facilitator sets up.

Denver Catholic Speed Dating makes no warranty to daters or any other person or entity, whether express, implied or statutory, as to the merchant ability or fitness for any particular purpose of any service provided hereunder or described herein, or as to any other matter, all of which warranties are expressly excluded and disclaimed, Denver Catholic Speed Dating is not a matchmaking service and makes no guarantee that the event will result in a match or matches. It also does not guarantee particular traits, statistics or expectations of matches. Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC and Faith Match! reserves the right to reach three to five years beyond the minimum and maximum stated age range of all services.

Dater agrees to release, waive, and forever discharge Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC of and from any and all past, present and future actions, causes of actions, claims, demands, liabilities, damages, costs, losses, expenses, and liens, of whatever nature, arising from or incident to Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC, including, without limitation, claims or liabilities arising from event cancellations, injuries at event venues, actions of other daters, absence of background screenings, member disputes, and viruses infecting dater’s computer due to access to the communications or online information of Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC.

Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC will not provide your information to others from events you pay to attend for research or commercial purposes.

When you sign up and participate with Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC you agree to (1) have e-mails sent to you to notify you of matches, (2) have e-mails sent to you with Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC announcements; (3) to have your email (or phone number only if you do not use email) shared with those you indicated interest for in the Top 5, Dating or Fellowship categories; (4) to have your email address (or phone number only if you do not use email) shared to those who ask outside the scoring system ONLY if you give consent to do so on the sign-in sheet. (5) to having at least one photo if you marry or get engaged from meeting at the events at the disposal of Denver Catholic Speed Dating to use in advertising (you may specify if you want last names in or not, however). Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC is not responsible for content being mistakenly or unintentionally shared with hackers, associates of yours who share your password, or the like. An email address or messaging system of some type is required for participation unless said participant prefers to have their info shared via call only and states such to the organizer.

Any and all events with extra circumstances (i.e. being outside of the organizer’s home state or organizer having an event out of state within a month of event in question) are subject to comprehensive results being delivered up to three weeks after the event. In such cases all participants are given both instant keep-in-touch results that day, as well as comprehensive results. All participants agree to this upon attending.

Daters are not permitted/allowed to take photographs or to record other daters by any means during or after the event. All cell phones must be turned off during the event and no cameras or recording devices are permitted. DCSD reserves the right to use photographs of participant without identifying them, in addition to success stories and photographs (in the case of those engaged and married) of participants without identifying full names (first names only) for promotional purposes.

While it is the goal to have 8 to 12 dates for each dater, Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC cannot be held responsible for late cancellations by daters or no-shows to events. Denver Catholic Speed Dating may postpone or reschedule an event if there are less than the desired number registered or for any reason. In such cases, a reasonable effort will be made to notify daters. Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC can refuse business to a patron for any reason. This includes mid-business transaction if participants become unprofessional and/or behave in a manner seemingly unChristianly toward participants and/or organizer(s). Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC and Faith Match! reserve the right to breach confidentiality in cases where a participant displays what appears to be anger, what appears to be harassment or other behavior of concern to the organizer or other participants for safety reasons.

Participants understand that results, while organizer aims for 2 to 3 days of having results out, may take 7 to 10 days for all events in Colorado and for events outside Colorado, they have an instant fashion of some results delivered there in an envelope system, and comprehensive results delivered within three weeks.

Refunds in full are only made with a full six days advance notice of cancellation. However, refunds are not available for events in which organizer has traveled to a city to host an event. Events largely depend upon attendance. Those who are unable to make an event they have paid for may receive a credit to attend a future speed dating event hosted by Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC unless it is a conference or sponsoring event to a conference, in which case DCSD cannot get back the funds paid from the hosting venue.

If we cancel an event for any reason you have the option of either having your payment refunded or kept on file for use at a future event. We accept check and cash payment options.

We don’t share your personal information from the official paid speed date events with anyone without your consent beyond the scoring system you participate in when you speed date, beyond the sign-in sheet where you indicate if you want your information shared with those who ask the organizer outside of the scoring system used, and beyond the mutually exclusive male and female distribution lists where you may see emails of other speed daters. Your e-mail and phone number, as well as any other information you provide to us from the paid events, is kept completely confidential beyond the scoring system unless you have indicated at sign-in that it is okay to share if the organizer is asked for it. Through the scoring system (speed dating sheets handed in) you agree for your email (and/or phone numbers if you have not indicated for a current event which to share, and we have to default to prior permission set by you; and for those in the Age 50 and over events) to be shared with those you have indicated your interest in as a Top 5 pick, date, maybe date or friendship. You may receive an occasional e-mail from us informing you of upcoming events, but your e-mail from any paid event you attend will never be shared with any other person or company outside of the scoring system and separate male and female distribution lists that may receive follow-up dating material. If you receive a “match” at a Denver Catholic Speed Dating, we will only share the contact information that you have indicated you wish to have shared, which, at minimum, is the email address given.

Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC is not liable for technological mistakes and human error in the use of technology that haphazardly and unintentionally shares contact information. DCSD takes great measures to make sure privacy is protected but cannot be liable for mistaken use of technology and human error.

Once participants have submitted payment to organizer for Faith Match! participation and told the organizer by email they have done so, they are liable to participate for the full cycle they sign up for – whether the season is one month or up to five months, as the information they receive from that time forward goes toward the process and they access database of the organizer to meet people of the Catholic faith they are sent information for. Copyrighted information is sent to men and women participating as soon as the organizer is alerted participant has taken the action to mail payment. In most cases, only phone numbers are given. Once participant has taken action to mail payment or make online payment to organizer, they are in the process and services are rendered from the moment participant has emailed organizer to alert that payment has been or is being mailed. There are no refunds in Faith Match! Check payments may be cashed up to nine weeks following the receipt of payment; but organizer typically tries to cash them within three weeks. This process is often held up by pending holiday vacation; Hence, the term of six weeks is given. Should participant receive matches or be offered to get matches by a stated date and decide against participating, they are financially liable for the full service because the process goes into effect once participant agrees to participate and mail payment or make online payment. Participants who sign up by email, agree to participate when they contact the organizer to alert they are paying. Similarly, participants who sign up by online payment and contact the organizer that they have paid, agree to participate. When services have been rendered, as in at least one match has been emailed, participant has agreed to attend two dates with each of two people as they have accessed organizer database, alerted organizer of their intention to participate and alerted organizer of their payment being mailed. If participant withdraws participation before or after one or two email contacts of people to set up dates with has occurred, they are no longer eligible for future faith match sessions or for a refund. Credits may be obtained, however, only toward future Faith Match! participation in the case of Faith Match! Credits only may be obtained when the event at hand is a speed dating event, toward Catholic or Christian speed dating events.  Faith Match is much more stringent on guideline and policy of dating. Denver Catholic Speed Dating participation, however, has a rule of three etiquette violations and speed dater is revoked participation privilege.

Denver Catholic Speed Dating reserves the right to advertise the names first and last, details and photos of engaged and married couples who met at its events. Denver Catholic Speed Dating also reserves the right to photograph at events, but usually reserves this for advertising without the use of names. Names, first and last, may be used in the case of remembrances and memorials.

Participants may be denied business for any reason and can also be asked to leave in the case of apparent harassment of other participants and/or organizer. Follow-up and after-event apparent harassment of organizer and/or participants may result in law enforcement involvement in which confidentiality must get breached in terms of participation names, and may be reported to a diocese official.

*FOR THE NATIONAL CATHOLIC SINGLES SPEED DATING – Emails and telephone numbers will be shared with participants who indicate which means, or both, they want shared with those they mark as Date or Fellowship. This is a variation for conference time constraints during which we attempt to provide date results within 24-48 hours rather than days out and fellowship results within seven days.*


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