Why Us

The answer to this question rests entirely with you and with God. But here are a few reflections on it.

It’s Simple:

1st: We treat other competitors like brothers and sisters in Christ. It is basic to the Catholic spirit. Dating decisions are very personal ones so we leave that up to you to decide and to discern. We left it up to prayer to decide this would become an LLC. We know that even though it is an LLC, we live by striving toward what His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI says about ministry: “It has to be a work that’s rooted in prayer.” The founder in summer of 2011 took the prayer intentions for Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC to the Marian shrines at Our Lady of Knock, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima, and to World Youth Day, praying for the Pope blessing to guide its presence. Also, St. Bridget of Sweden and St. Therese of Lisieux were key to its beginnings.

2nd: It’s your party. The information you hand in after the event that reflects the people you want to stay in touch with from Catholic speed dating is considered priority. We don’t choose them for you. You do. The results you hand in are private and entered into a spreadsheet and those you choose to stay in touch with are sent your email (or phone number if you have opted that). Though you will not get their contact information unless they name you in their Top 5, Date or Fellowship categories, you will get the contact information for all the people who named you. You know right away if you have “matched.”

3rd: We listen to what you want. We afford you the time you need to discern which dates did and did not work and then follow up to find out how we might better re-format the speed dating experience and we re-format it.

4th: We give you the chance to meet several Catholics who are available and want to date in their faith in a both vibrant and relaxed environment. In the first place, we should see each other all as brothers and sisters in Christ regardless. The same way the person who started the club that was the springboard for this LLC met her husband at the dinner club, and together their rapor was not only reflective of spousal love but also likens to brother/sisterly love, this is the same type of relaxed atmosphere where new dating relationships can be fostered. Meeting several people yet a reasonable amount that you will be able to remember is key and we are constantly working and re-working that dynamic.

5th: Face time. Face time in a relaxed environment means a lot. You may find many “faces” on a computer or even at any random gathering, but there’s nothing like sitting down with someone to capture some of the essence of that person and determine if you’d like to spend more time with them.

6th: Friends. I have been told many gal pals and friends have come about as a result of having gone to a dating event. Best friends have even come about as a result of it. It shows that the journey toward the destination of finding the one for you can be just as rewarding as the destination itself. This can be a time of growing closer to Christ both in friendships and in your dating life.

7th: Coaching. I have nearly 25 years of writing experience and have started several popular blog-style email-blasts related to the subject of dating Catholic. I often talk to people who want to tell me more about what they are looking for and how I can be part of helping them find it. If I find behaviors seemingly out of place in the dating time afterward reported to me, I contact people and say what I think works better and why. Some of us don’t always know. I come from years of reading almost every dating book both in the secular and the Catholic world and comparing and contrasting theories and how they work or don’t work in authentic dating in faith. In that way, I attempt to apply what I have learned to helping you to a more enriching dating experience.

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